Video Marketing

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Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than their plain text counterparts

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Featuring: “Clickable Link” overlay which links to your website!

(play above video for example)

Google owns Youtube. Google gives higher authority and ranking position to properly optimized YouTube videos. This allows you to have 1st page rankings, greater exposure and more leads using Video Marketing!
NOTE: This is not simple Youtube Channel video marketing. This involves ranking a specific keyword optimized Youtube video on the 1st page of Google. Much different & very powerful!

Do you want traffic to your website? Are you sick of paying thousands of dollars a month on paid advertising for media banners and PPC such as Google Adwords?

How would you like to have a top position in the Google organic results targeting your top keyword phrase of choice? How would you like your results to stand out from all the other results?

We have successfully been doing online marketing for years including Pay-Per-Click, Social Media, Banner Advertisements, email marketing, SEO, etc. I can assure you this is the BEST ‘Return on Investment’ for any business!

Our Exclusive Online Video Marketing is the fastest and best Google & Youtube 1st page rankings and traffic for your website.

*Click on the image below for an example video listing on the 1st page of Google*

video marketing video marketing video marketing

CLICK HERE for ‘Walking Excavator’. Client is ‘Walking Excavator 530.386.5228’ in results.

CLICK HERE for ‘PTB Brace’. Results ‘PTB Brace 775.849.0244 The Best PTB Brace available

CLICK HERE for ‘Carpet Cleaning Reno’ – Results say ‘Carpet Cleaning Reno 775.420.2759′

CLICK HERE for ‘Alamo Real Estate’

Thumbnail image makes you stand out from the crowd

Clickable Link overlay which links to your website (see video example on this page)

More exposure in search results

Greater click thru rates

Faster rankings than traditional SEO

Cheaper than traditional website SEO

1st Page Google Results

  1. A brief minute long video created for you business (or use an existing video you already have). You don’t want the video too long. We will pack as many details as possible in just a short span of time in the video. This will include images as a simple slideshow type video with voice over, music, animation and a call to action at the end of the video. CLICK HERE for sample video.
  2. Link the video to your website in Title, Description and directly over the video. This is what people will see in the Google search results.
  3. Rank the video on the 1st page of Google and Youtube for target keyword phrase.

Initial setup fee which includes video creation and 1st month rankings work

Monthly fee (less than initial fee) to maintain video rankings depends on keyword phrase competition.