What is Google Authorship?

What is the importance of Google Authorship?

[dropcap2 variation=”blue”]G[/dropcap2]oogle Authorship is something Google created in order to connect pieces of content with the Google Plus profile and its author. The internet is completely overwhelmed with content. Yes, we all know how content is vital to a website. Google Authorship allows you the ability and tools to have your content show through all the noise.
Google Authorship is an incredible tool and a necessity for any business. As you can see, Google displays a profile picture next to the search results. This image markup undoubtedly increased click thru rates to your website. This is a great tool to gain authorship and gain traction in Google to be set apart from the crowd.

Here is an example showing Google Authorship markup in the results:

google authorship

And another example showing Google Authorship markup & video marketing(click to enlarge):

google authorship


[button size=”small” variation=”blue”]Top 3 Benefits of verifying your Google Authorship[/button]
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  • SEO Benefits with Google Authorship
    An Author Ranking is established with online content has been shown to be of quality content which has created good traffic and a buzz in social media.
  • Name Awareness / Industry Authority
    This will really set you apart from your competition in the search engines. You will be unique and known to have unique content and set apart from the crowd. This will get your name and business out building authority.
  • Increased Connection / Engagement Between an Author and Online Audience
    Google Authorship helps create interaction with others in your audience. Now people will be know you have created unique content right from the search engine results which display your profile image markup.