Reno Web Design Day 4: Mobile Websites by Web Design Reno TWD

Reno Web Design Day 4: Mobile Websites by Web Design Reno TWD

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Reno Web Design Day 1: Your Business Needs a Website by Web Design Reno TWD

This goes without sharing that your facility needs to have a sturdy web visibility to be actually productive in the Age of Data, which your website is essential in order to your web presence. Having said that, do you understand the value of pretty good Reno web design, when it relates to your company brand name? That’s right– this’s certainly not simply good enough to possess a cosmetically pleasing internet site with great information. Really good style is actually even more complex in comparison to that, and this may indicate the variation between having an efficient or even unproductive internet site. Like to know why layout is thus significant? Here is precisely how an excellent web site design creates a terrific opinion:.

Professionalism and trust.When you take quick ways, this reveals. Don’t create the mistake of taking faster ways with your web style. Sure, your adolescent relative recognizes a thing or more regarding generating internet sites, yet unless he may produce an excellent, professional-looking site for your company, your site is actually only going to search incompetent … as well as your web site guests will certainly sense that you are actually an amateur. Spring season for an excellent site create.
Navigation.Excellent layout is actually centered on developing an effortless experience for your site visitors. You do not want folks in order to have in order to work or make estimates in order to discover their technique around your internet site. By giving them along with uncomplicated, easy, as well as well-organized site navigating, you are certainly not merely offering your guests the feeling that you love satisfying them, but you are actually likewise ensuring they all may locate (as well as review!) every one of the useful material you carry your internet site.
Branding.Your website layout should find yourself in collection with your prospect branding in every method– from the shades to the typefaces. That suggests that excellent web create, along with your brand in thoughts, are going to enhance your brand name and also increase label understanding, therefore generating a long lasting opinion for your site visitors.
Attention grabbing.You possess a quite limited home window of moment through which in order to get hold of new internet site visitors’ focus and also arouse their attraction adequate to would like to stay and check out for some time. In fact, investigations reveal that an impression in the internet globe might take as little a fraction of a second to create. Really good net style will definitely impediment your web site prospects and enable you even more moment in order to get your information by having in order to them. In a planet where 1st feelings are therefore crucial, you can not pay for certainly not in order to acquire excellent layout.
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YouTube is not only the second largest search engine in the world, but it also has over a billion unique, worldwide viewers each month.

As a local business owner, you probably already realize how important it is to build your online presence; with masses of people flocking to YouTube each day, it provides the perfect platform to do so.

Here’s why:
* YouTube is one of the highest-ranking sites on the Internet. Along with over a billion unique views per month, billions of videos are also watched each and every day.
* YouTube Mobile gets at least 400 million views per day, and these numbers are expected to grow as more people start using smartphones and mobile tablets.
* Over 100 million viewers perform some form of social action each week on YouTube. For example, they may leave comments and/or click “like” on the videos they enjoy.
* Establishing your brand and boosting your company’s credibility are top priorities as a business owner.
YouTube helps you share your advertisements, campaigns, and other marketing videos online – free of charge.
* YouTube provides a way for you to get immediate, honest feedback on your products and services. As previously mentioned, millions of people perform social actions on YouTube every week. You can also encourage feedback by asking your viewers to leave comments, questions, and suggestions.
* Google AdWords for video allows you to boost your videos even further. You’ll be able to choose your target audience and promote your videos according to interests, age group, location, and more.
* YouTube provides in-depth SEO-optimization choices. Not only can you create a professional business profile, but you can also use popular keywords and descriptions on each video, and keep track of analytics.
* YouTube allows you to use embedding options. You can easily customize the size of the video to fit onto your business website.
* Millions of videos are shared daily on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. YouTube provides extremely easy sharing options, such as arrays of social media widgets, email widgets, shortened URLs, and more.
* YouTube has been the #1 mobile video website for the past several years. As aforementioned, millions already use their cellphones to view videos. In addition, however, many people spend over 20 minutes a day watching YouTube videos via smartphones. Since mobile users also tend to seek business locations and product information on their phones, YouTube provides a perfect way for local businesses to reach more local consumers.
YouTube: Statistics:
YouTube: Grow Your Business with YouTube:

The Future of Online Videos

Not too long ago, the idea of online videos and video marketing seemed so far-fetched to most small businesses. Now, however, with the invention of high-speed Internet, social networking sites, and affordable video creation tools, it’s easier than ever for businesses to utilize the power of online videos to grow their businesses.
In fact, online videos have become so popular that billions are viewed on a daily basis. The future of online videos is expected to grow even further as the tools needed become more accessible and affordable across the world.
In April of 2013, The New York Times announced that their online video content will be available to anyone with an Internet connect, subscribers and non-subscribers alike. In a recent tweet, the newspaper stated videos are now free as the company moves toward the future, which includes the massive growth of online videos.
Other major newspapers are expected to follow suit as more and more people are turning to online videos for their news sources.
Contrary to what some people believe, we are only at the beginning of the online video era; it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. In fact, experts predict that by 2016, at least 15 billion people will view online videos, which is double the amount of online video watchers today.
In the past, people typically searched for advertisements when they specifically needed a product or service. With the invention of online videos, however, advertising is changing forever.
Small businesses that produce and publish online videos are taking the critical next step to reach as many local consumers as possible
As more consumers continue to turn to the Internet for videos, the potential for all companies to experience significant growth has never been better.
If your business is not utilizing online videos in your marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to easily generate hands-free sales and profits; however it is not too late to start now. Not only will you take a huge step into the digital marketing age, but you will also gain an advantage over your competitors; most of them have not started to use this powerful tool yet.
So while video marketing may seem unimportant right now, it’s quickly becoming a “must-have” for ultimate online exposure and conversions.

The New York Times Company: The New York Times to Offer Free Unlimited Access to Online Video:


Email marketing, while definitely a powerful way to give your readers updates and news regarding your company, can also become boring and humdrum if you don’t consistently create ways to keep your followers interested.
Videos will not only enhance your email marketing, but they also provide several different ways to entertain your followers. The following are just a few examples of how videos can help your email marketing results, as well as reduce your email opt-outs.
1. People are typically more likely to open emails that contain the word “video” in the subject line. They are also likely to click-through to see the video.
2. Online videos provide an instant connection in only a few minutes. While content is a good way to connect with your readers, a video provides a more convenient way to deliver the same message. With millions of people using their smartphones daily, videos are also an ideal platform for consumers on the go.
3. Many marketers state that their return on investment (ROI) has increased by 40% after including videos in their email marketing. This is because videos can hold attention longer than reading a lot of text; so conversions are naturally higher.
4. HTML5 is already being used frequently and is expected to grow as more email providers begin to support it. This means that more people are now able to view videos directly in their email inbox without the use of any third-party plugins and without clicking through to an external site. If an email provider doesn’t support HTML5 yet, alternatives are given immediately. For example, an animated GIF can be displayed so that the user still has a pleasant viewing experience.
5. Using videos in email marketing helps you stand out from the competition. Many people are still used to reading a plain newsletter in an email, but a video changes traditional ways of retrieving company updates and in turn will garner more interest.
6. Business credibility increases with videos in emails. While social media sites are great for video marketing, people tend to view email videos differently as it’s coming directly from the business and not from a third-party site. While anyone can create a video on YouTube, a video coming directly to an inbox lets people know that the video is credible.


Having a business means having competition; and although companies can certainly work together to create innovative ideas and marketing techniques, at the end of the day, most business owners want to be the #1 in their industry.

This, of course, entails gaining an edge on your competitors. Online videos have become increasingly popular over the past few years; in fact, video marketing is quickly becoming a top priority for businesses that are looking to gain more online exposure.
Consider the following tips that can help you boost your brand awareness and rise above your competitors.

Start by Setting a Goal
Set specific goals for your videos, and try your best to achieve them. For example, increasing your brand awareness, gaining new customers, and multiplying your revenue are all good examples of what you want you should achieve with online videos. When you have specific goals set, you’ll have a mission in mind which will help you visualize the outcome.
Study Popular Videos and Make Yours Better
Once you determine your goals, take time to research the most popular videos. Although it is OK to research videos in other industries, pay special attention to the types of videos being used in your industry.
This will give you an idea of the type of videos that will engage and convert your target audience into buyers.For example, you may find that tutorials and product demonstrations work extremely well in your industry. In that case, you’ll want to make your own tutorials and product demonstrations that represent your brand and image. When creating your videos, go the extra step and try to make yours more interesting than the competition. If you need assistance or innovative ideas, consider consulting with an experienced video marketing consultant who can help create interesting, entertaining video content and market them towards your target audience.
Research Your Target Audience
A common mistake that many business owners make is not thoroughly investigating their target audience. Researching your target audience is crucial as you’ll be able to understand their online habits, age range, demographics, and what they look for in products and services. Not only that, but you’ll gain insight to what their complaints are and what they’re most likely to share with others.

To find your target audience, start by narrowing down who your primary customers and potential customers are.
For example, if you own a nail and make-up salon, there is a good chance that your target audience is predominately female. Go through a checklist including age range, gender, and why these people would want your services.
Then spend time doing market research, such as visiting online communities where your audience hangs out, and checking out online review sites.
Once you know who your audience is, what they expect from a company, and what products and services they are interested in, you can then create powerful marketing videos catered towards their lifestyle and interests.


5 Video Optimization Tips

Google has been making leaps and bounds in providing search engine results that include content, photos, videos, archives, news, and much more. Known as “universal results,” people now have a much wider selection of online choices than ever before.
Videos are typically given high priority in search results; viewing videos is one of the most popular forms of retrieving news, entertainment, product and service information, and tutorials online. For businesses, having online videos is crucial, and even more importantly, you’ll want to ensure that your videos reach as many potential customers as possible.
Consider the following tips for your own videos that will help you reach your target audience:
1. Keywords: Proper keywords are important for both search engines and for video social networking sites. Make sure you use the correct keywords in your title as well as your description. If you need assistance figuring out the best keywords to use for SEO purpose, try variations of different keywords on Google’s Keyword Planner, which will show the strongest, most popular keywords being searched for.

2. Embed Your Videos: When you embed your videos, you have the opportunity to share them in several different places, such as your blogs, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, and more.

3. Cross Linking: Along with embedding your videos, be sure to cross link across several different platforms. Examples include “tweeting” your video links on Twitter, cross linking on industry-relevant websites, interlinking with pages on your own business website, and via bookmarking services.

4. Choose the Right Length: The average view times on YouTube are a little over four minutes, and across the web, average length of business videos run a little over three minutes. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your videos less than five minutes, if possible.

Of course, this will also depend on the type of video you are creating. For example, a tutorial video typically runs longer than a new sales advertisement. In these cases, consider breaking your video ups into different segments.

5. Keep Them Interesting: Your online videos should grab and hold your audience’s attention right from the start. You want them to be as engaged and as interested as possible throughout your entire video message for the best results; however, the first few seconds of a video are the most crucial. If viewers get bored within the first eight or so seconds of the video, they usually leave.