Email marketing, while definitely a powerful way to give your readers updates and news regarding your company, can also become boring and humdrum if you don’t consistently create ways to keep your followers interested.
Videos will not only enhance your email marketing, but they also provide several different ways to entertain your followers. The following are just a few examples of how videos can help your email marketing results, as well as reduce your email opt-outs.
1. People are typically more likely to open emails that contain the word “video” in the subject line. They are also likely to click-through to see the video.
2. Online videos provide an instant connection in only a few minutes. While content is a good way to connect with your readers, a video provides a more convenient way to deliver the same message. With millions of people using their smartphones daily, videos are also an ideal platform for consumers on the go.
3. Many marketers state that their return on investment (ROI) has increased by 40% after including videos in their email marketing. This is because videos can hold attention longer than reading a lot of text; so conversions are naturally higher.
4. HTML5 is already being used frequently and is expected to grow as more email providers begin to support it. This means that more people are now able to view videos directly in their email inbox without the use of any third-party plugins and without clicking through to an external site. If an email provider doesn’t support HTML5 yet, alternatives are given immediately. For example, an animated GIF can be displayed so that the user still has a pleasant viewing experience.
5. Using videos in email marketing helps you stand out from the competition. Many people are still used to reading a plain newsletter in an email, but a video changes traditional ways of retrieving company updates and in turn will garner more interest.
6. Business credibility increases with videos in emails. While social media sites are great for video marketing, people tend to view email videos differently as it’s coming directly from the business and not from a third-party site. While anyone can create a video on YouTube, a video coming directly to an inbox lets people know that the video is credible.