What’s involved in the setup for Google My Business (GMB)?

The initial setup for GMB is quite extensive, proprietary and unique to each different business. Here is a brief outline showing some of the overall steps:

  • research Google My Business listing
  • creating optimized Google listing
  • structuring the website correctly
  • content research
  • creating optimized video
  • optimizing photos for website and listing
  • optimizing pages on website
  • adding G+ badge to website
  • citation assessment
  • reviews and +1s
  • backlinking
  • social signals

What is included in the monthly fee?

Once your initial setup is completed, there is ongoing work done each month to maintain and boost your GMB rankings. Google’s ranking algorithm is dynamic and changes. Our team is always ahead of the learning curve and we ¬†adjust our tactics accordingly to stay on top. Monthly ongoing work includes:

  • additional citations and assessments ongoing locally and nationally (over 300 aggregators)
  • G+ listing interaction and postings
  • additional backlinking
  • social signals
  • additional reviews and +1s