When we talk about optimizing a website, there are two different
schools of thought. There are people who give more currency to
on-page factors and then there are those who talk more about
off-page factors. People who talk about on-page factors speak
more about things like keyword optimization, using the right title
tags, using less HTML, using the right fonts and images, etc.

Those who believe more in off-page factors won’t give much
regard to all these points, but they will think more about generating
more traffic through backlinking and other similar methods.

Now, the big question is–which of these schools of thoughts
is correct?

Let us put it this way–if all your on-page factors are in order
and if you just get one backlink for your website, then you have
everything that might take you to #1 on Google. Yes, you read
that right. This is absolutely true. And in contrast–what will the
off-page believing website have to do? To put it very simply, a
website that doesn’t use much of on-page factors but trusts
implicitly on off-page optimization will need to really put its act together.

In sheer numbers, such a website will have to get 10 times more
backlinks than the website that has good on-page factors.

Sounds like an enormous bit of work, right? Well, it is! The best
way then is to focus on all those on-page things which the big boys
of the Internet marketing world are already using and telling everyone about.

As this series continues, you will be shown how you can do
these various on-page factors so that you virtually carry your
website to Google’s top position.