Any potential home buyer can get online to begin their real estate search and see all current properties for sale. But what about the information that is not available to them online? Blogging is a great way for real estate agents to tell about what is happening in their current real estate market. Agents can analyze current market numbers and look at market trends and tell potential buyers and sellers what is happening in the market.

Below are some samples and ideas of what to blog about on a real estate blog site.

Market Graphs
Here are a few sample graphs displaying current market numbers for a local real estate market. These specific graphs compare: the absorption rate from one year to the previous one; and show the number of properties sold in certain price bands.


Weekly Market Updates
As a local real estate agent you are likely seeing trends in your market. It is a good idea to keep people informed on whatever you are seeing happen each week. For example, you could report on the number of new homes, sold homes and homes that went into escrow that week. You could also compare sold number of properties this month to the same month of the year before. Any other interesting market trends you happen to notice is great to write about.
Local Events
Your real estate web site can also become the resource people to go for things other than real estate. People love to be informed about what is going on around town – especially if your area is a second home market. Write about the farmers market that just started for the season, or the local band playing at the park this week, or the charity event hosted by the local businesses. Anything that people might want to know about!